13 November 2005

city of fires, not ice.

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I wanted to write this morning, when it was still early, the wintery sun was beginning to shine over the St. Lawrence, and the wine from Saturday was still buzzing delightfully in my veins...but I was sleepy and I hit the snooze buttons a few times.

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cabbage in a winter garden

I spent the weekend in Montreal, with Brian, on a pilgrimage of sorts. It was unusually warm for November, especially in the many cozy fire place-filled local haunts. I discovered a lot of things, but I'll tell you 10.

1. Montreal has a knack for creating a perfect fusion of haute couture, spectacles de sexe, classy jazz bars and 99 cent hot dog joints, somehow creating a pleasant yet edgy environment with surprises around every corner.

2.Even hippie-esque student protesters dress in ultra trendy attire.

3.Beer is even better when infused with flavours like raspberry, chocolate or (gasp) apricot at Brutopia. It's better still when enjoyed in candle-lit pubs.

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4.Peel Pub still takes the cake for the cheapest food and beer I've ever seen. I'm talking a pitcher and a meal for around $10. Just try to avoid full tables of international biz bratty girls who repeatedly scream "Here's to a BA" when it's clearly November and the end is not yet in sight.

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dragon fountain in chinatown

5. The East Plateau district is very cool because of its inviting cafes, multiple independent record stores and all-fruit and veggie markets. It is, however, slowly being invaded by pretentious collar-poppers and yuppies seeking a bohemian glam lifestyle.

6. Everyone in montreal wears scarves. Men, women, grannies, children, elderly gentlemen, they all insist on neck adornment.

7. You can't have french canadian culture without clowns:
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and, as for my academic future:

8. McGill has some fabulous faculty members and is stunning...but I'm not sure if it's the place for me.

9. Concordia, on the other hand, was much warmer and felt pretty good.

10. There's no place like home.

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Other than check out grad school options, we did a hell of a lot of walking, took the Metro, I worked on my fashion article (Check out the Gazette on Friday), we ate cheap, great food and had a few cocktails at night. I found, yet again, that my most direct competition for my boyfriend are men. Yes, the french canadian men love Brian, but he fends them off with politeness and dignity. Seriously though, those guys don't know who they're messing with.

We encountered a few crazies on the streets, mysterious metropolitan pumpkin patches and revisited opulent, underground bars.

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Great city, great times.


invitationinside said...

the pictures are great dallas:)

ETC'd said...

i feel as if the only city you should be checkin' out for grad school is toronto, so that we can see each other more often ...

but yes, montreal (as a close second) would be fantastic

dallas said...

I would love to go to school in toronto, but there are no programs that really catch my interest, which is too bad. I hope you're liking Uof T so far. I got a chance to explore it when I was working as an extra on (ice princess) and it is stunning. I'm sure you're making the best of things!

alex said...

mmm.. brutopia AND peel pub.

i am le jealous.


Erin said...

i love the picture of the pumpkin patch.

sam said...

juggling clowns and cheap beer avec les francais - sounds like weekend perfection!

I've really got to visit Montreal...

dallas said...

yeah it's such a cheap getaway too.

andrew said...

dallas did i see you in an american eagle ad today? :)

thomas said...

oh Montréal, by far my favourite city in the world, with Québec City coming a close second.

dallas said...

yes, andrew, that was Amy and I in that ad. According to brian I "sold out" but I don't feel like I lost any integrity.

Erin said...

Dear Dallas,

Is your friend Jenny in the Western marching band, and was she in the Toronto Santa Claus parade this past weekend? I thought I saw her there.

I hope all is well! Do come to grad school in Toronto. You can party with Rozzie and me - what could be better?


eano said...

those last two pictures are awesome dallas, you should know that.