15 February 2006

serenity and chocolate

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Every day I vow to be more organized, and yet every day
1) my pile of overdue library books stares back at me
2) my costumes from last week are still in a duffel bag
3) my desk is covered in junk
4) the pile of class notes on my floor grows taller each day

And yet, aside from the library books, I don't mind the company of these objects. They remind me that I have things on the go. Having 4 classes is pretty relaxed, a few of my major activites for the year have wrapped, and now I have free time. Will this time go towards schoolwork? Of course not, because I--like many of my peers--have developed a case of fourthyearitis.

Although symptoms do not include apathy, bitterness or boredom, this disease is known to cause restlessness, apprehensivenss, lack of focus, nostalgia, and a general laissez-faire attitude. It can also induce a zen-like state, wherein nothing outside these last few months seems to matter (yet), where hedonism rules (at least until finals), and where you look at all your friends like they're on their last days (since you figure things will be different when you don't live in the same hood).

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I'm prematurely sentimental, but that's only because I like where I am, and I've always loved it here. Now the focus is on making the most of the rest of the semester, while remembering that friendships (and more importantly,life) won't end when school does.
* * *

Yesterday my home-on-campus, The Gazette released its [quasi]annual Sex Issue. an incredible amount of planning, creativity, research and humour went into it, with almost everyone on the Ed Board contributing. A few of us were asked to help out by posing for the cover:

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I have to say that out of all the photoshoots I've taken part in, this was one of the most fun to do. Obviously the theme was entertaining, the photogs (jen and lulu) were very organized and professional. All of the "models" were easygoing and fun to work with. The outfits were modest (for the most part)and the setting was cute. It was meant to be a campy, friendly, self-consciously cheesy romp in metaphors, stereotypes and,!

The genders were balanced, there was representation of more than one sexual orientation, and the photos showed both sweet and funny scenarios (my favourite being Jennie snapping a wet towel at Brian).

And yet, you had to expect something to happen...

"What the fuck is this shit? Happy false reality of love and heterosexuality day" was scrawled across the cover by the always courageous anonymous. I personally find the cover photo to be fairly ambigous, not to mention inclusive. It is not oversexualized, though it could certainly be a bit more ethnically diverse. But the photographers asked lots of people to pose, and those on the cover were the ones who volunteered. We can't fault them for that.

As for the defacer, I am curious to know how they would reverse their oxymoron "false reality" and explain the true reality of love? Also, since when did Valentines Day exclude people who aren't heterosexual? Obviously a lot of people have beef with Vday to begin with, so having imagery around probably exacerbates any distaste they may feel.

But really, apart from the hypercommercialization of the day, what is wrong with a day to celebrate love? Maybe you love your family, your friends, your dog, your frickin' ipod. Love is the most positive force around, so don't hate on the love you do have in your life. Feeling and showing love for other people does not merit condemnation.

I think that the idea of Valentine's day being a celebration for "lovers" should encompass every notion and expression of love. My friend Gill, for example, fell in love with a chocolate fountain and Krissie loved Amy Pye's heart pizza...and who wouldn't?

I think our bitterness will dissipate if we look for love, infatuation, pleasure and kindness in more than one place. I'm a hippie here, I know, but it stems from hearing and seeing too much hatin' on those of us who choose to have fun with a fun day, single or attached.


invitationinside said...

ive been dealing with some major fourthyearitis this whole year. alas that is life. heart shaped pizza, chocolate fountains, friends. i agree love comes in many shapes and sizes. we are blessed to be alive. <3 u, muah.

Gillian Edworthy said...

haha i fell in love with a chocolate fountain! haha i sound like the lonely fat girl, haha,

but its true, my moment with the magical fountain was documented by many with their cameras...
haha i think my second love it the bar scene these days... especially thursday nights,

but my true love is for all of my wonderful ontario house mates! how i will miss you guys next year...
this just means you will have to visit me on the west coast!

Gill - aka "Jennie Jiggles" - bahaha, what was the other one?? something stax?

alex said...

you couldn't have put any of it better dal.

i think the "fourthyearitis" (also referred to as "fuckschoolitis" :) masks the impending bittersweet-light-at-the-end-of-the tunnel that is quickly sneaking up on us.

it's always sad to admit that the transitoriness of the epic university years is real, and that yes, all good things must come to an end..

supression and denial are perfectly acceptable coping tactics.

(April 30th is very VERY far away. yup.)

Robbie said...

Chocolate fountain...coming to a formal near us!

Gill, you weren't the only one obsessed with that little fountain. I couldn't keep myself away from it :)

Chad Nevett said...

But, apathy, bitterness and boredom are fun! I guess. Whatever *shrugs*