01 February 2006


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After months and months of work, the first of my grad school applications are in!

My blogging hiatus has come to an end.

Charity ball was fantastic.

I love my new position at The Gazette.

I have wonderful roommates.

I feel so much better, now that the first step towards a possible future plan is laid down.

I hope all of you have something to be relieved/excited/passionate about.

love, me

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Christine, Boucher and myself with our pretty corsages


b said...

jees, you dont even mention where those corsages come from, nor the toils endured by three strapping lads to get them last minute

Anonymous said...

I was looking for blogs referring to Dallas and found yours. Great blog! I'm in Dallas and here's some info about me

Jenn said...

I never comment. But this is incentive for you to blog more. I miss your blog - I used to read it on Sundays. I'm glad all the grad application stuff is done, now you'll have time to go on adventures with me.

Gnocchi Maiden said...
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