15 April 2006


This blog needs a serious facelift. Any tips?

I just got this new hair glaze, which I've heard is pretty cool. You can judge for yourselves whether or not the stuff works or morphs me back into my grade6, experimenting with kool-aid as hair dye days.

In lieu of buying too many more MAC eyeshadows, I'm eagerly awaiting the new L'oreal knock-off products.

I also have to clean my room, and pack, and move...soon.

But I won't talk about that yet.

It's late here in Owen Sound, so it's time to sleep and stop fetishizing consumer products when I should be finishing my paper.


alex said...

oooh, i love john frieda. though i'm pretty sure his blonde shampoo just kept making my hair more and more platinum..

is the glaze just like a.. colour-restoring leave in conditioner?

and as far as procrastinating + stressing over cleaning/packing/moving, i hear ya sister!

Erin said...

good luck on exams dallas, and congrats on concordia!!

j'tan said...

...which reminds me, I might still have your green eye shadow palettes from Sweeney! I totally did a sweep-my-shit-into-a-bag-so-we-can-get-to-drinking clean-up on closing. Are they yours? Rick Kish's private collection? :P

Jenn said...

Don't pack, and don't move : (
It's been far too long since I last saw you, I believe there was turkey and cake present.