04 April 2006

to de-glamourize is to...

I love the slide of guitar strings.

A while ago, I wished for music. Songwriting, like a lot of things, seemed stuck at the time. For a lot of last year and the bulk of this year I have felt creatively on-hold. First it came from being too busy to relax, and then from adjusting to myself in between two different worlds. I really think that we are rewarded when we struggle with ourselves, even if it takes a while for the frustration to come to a pleasant fruition. Maybe we're just ready, or maybe it takes others to push us out of whatever rut we're in.

I've worked with some incredible musicians over time, but on seperate, smaller projects. Over the last few months, however, I've been slapped in the face by the talent of some of my friends, and it feels great. Piece by piece, a few of us have come together and had a lot of fun cookin' up some new tunes. Sadly, we've run out of time for more performances in the near future, but plans for recording are in the works :)

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clockwise from left: Alex Paterson, Brian Fauteux, Chris Crighton, Amy McGuire, Jennie Wilhelm and myself. Missing: Mike Higgins and Kevin Wong.

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compass rose

Two weeks ago, I attended a really successful fundraiser called "Git R Done," at which the Drunken Bastards played a bit of a reunion show. They did a fantastic job and had the 300+ people (of all ages) dancing the night away.

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I've also met a really cool musician, who is not only skilled, but inspiring and encouraging.

It seems like things are starting to flow again in the creative realm--it's about time!


The long-term forecast is looking promising, though scary. Come September, I'll be moving to lovely Montreal at Concordia University. Before that I'll be heading to Jonquiere, QC to re-learn my Francais. Other plans are still in the works, and it's all very overwhelming, so for the moment, I'll just think about now...

and try to relax


invitationinside said...

overwhelmingly exciting though! i am sooo excited for you...everything is going to be soo interesting.

ETC'd said...

dear miss dallas,

montreal will be lucky to have you. although, i would prefer you in toronto next year.

love and miss ya tons!

ps. im sad that i missed your internal cinema would have been quite the treat

Anonymous said...

hey dallas! hope your summer's going really well! don't worry - avoiding facebook is the best decision you could ever make. take good care and best of luck in the future! working with you was amazing.
-mark wilkinson