13 June 2006

congratulations, comrades

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It was great beyond words to return to all of my hilarious friends.

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"earn those cocktails!"

p.s. there's a concert in august, if anyone is interested


b said...

it's great that you got a pic of the swarm of parents and cameras. that was pretttty funny.

Gillian Edworthy said...

looks like you guys had a wiked day! i wish my faculty was on the same day... but us health sci girls rocked out with our parents at barneys on friday... haha,
quote from my mother "gillian when i drink out of a pitcher i dont realize how much i'm acutally drinking, i was quite intoxicated last night"
hahahaha, and i wonder where i get my partying genes from...

miss you!

Tenzin N. said...

Hey Dallas, it's so great to hear that you had a wonderful ceremony and trip to Jonquiere. I'm glad I got a chance to meet you. :) I gotta tell ya, I had the most memorable [and horrid] return home ever... That'll be a story for another day, however! oh and i hope i see you once you and brian are here in montreal. btw my email is ttyl