27 June 2006

embarque ma belle

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Behold Amsterdam: the only place I've been in Europe thus far, and only for a brief 6 hours during a stopover en route to Nairobi. Short, but it piqued my interest. Even though it was 8 am, the streets were empty (save for a few past-their-prime ladies of the night who were relegated to the morning shift and bitterly smoking on the fringe of the red light district), I couldn't help but grind my feet over the cobblestones and explore a little.

The long-awaited time has come to tread European and UK soil. I feel that watching Eurotrip on VHS last night sufficiently prepped me, and the rest can only unfold as it will.

So, my loyal readers (if anyone is out there) I will be faithfully documenting my trip right here.

On Thursday morning my "partner" and I are flying into London, and will begin the adventure from there. We've got minimal funds but a hell of a lot of resourcefulness (I hope), some protein bars, and I've got a new leather-bound pocket journal.

Until I arrive, I bid you adieu


Burns said...

Say hello to Scotland for me, tis been a while since we last spent time together.
If you can, bring me back a real Scottish thistle and also some Heather. Close them tightly in a book and remember to collect many acorns. There is a scottish game we can play with them, Its called "Konkers".

It will be nice to havea friend who loves Scotland as much as I.

Love you and miss you already,


Tara said...

Lucky you!
My friend from work just got back a few days ago from a two week trip to Amsterdam, London, and Paris. She had a blast, so Im sure you will too.
Try not to get attacked by all the crazy soccer hooligans.

invitationinside said...

lol i love how you just called brian your "partner" you sound so distinguished ahhaa have a lovely time my dear

Leslie said...

Live everyday to the fullest, absorb every minute. Fill your cameras with photos and come back and tell us all the stories.
We miss you already.
Love you forever
your family

Gillian Edworthy said...

hehe leather bound books... makes me thinkg of an anchorman quote! haha

have a WONDERFUL time dal! i look forward to reading all about your europe shinanigans!

be safe - and hopefully your finances will last you!

love yah and miss yah!
cheers dudette!