17 October 2006

books, career paths, and other nerdiness

This is my last burst of procrastination before I finally give in to the next piece of work I've put off too long. My last-minute methods (which were shared by many of my peers, most infamously by Dave Joyce) are still being put to good use, it seems. Above is part of the neverending stack of books I'm working with, and although they are interesting, they are slowly beginning to take over my life.

Today I gave my first class presentation, and was nervous as hell, but at least received the occasional polite nods from my classmates. The class is mostly second year MA students, all of whom seem to have really interesting backgrounds. Their experiences--from working in political documentary filmmaking to touring with contemporary dance shows, to the general savoir faire gained from already living at least a year in Montreal--give the class an air of culture, but without pretension. I'm fascinated with these people because they seem to do so many cool things, but have no traces of arrogance or even flippancy; they really love what they do. Not a bad environment to learn in, I have to say.

Took a brief break from procrastinating to check out my friend Mark's new band "The Bodies'" debut show at L'escogriffe. As frontman (lead vocals and keyboard), Mark combined rocky horror theatrics, powerful soul ballad skills, punchy keyboard hooks, and a definite sassiness. I was suitably impressed. And he had sweet red eye makeup as well.

Speaking of makeup, now that I live in a city, and this city has makeup is too easy to feed my addiction. It's to the point where the entire staff of MAC on St. Laurent knows me by name, and I'm seriously considering working there for a bit after I graduate.

One of my classmates explained "Well, I'm 29 now and I'm doing my masters after trying to be a rock star for a couple of years." Funny, I may be doing the inverse.

And, back to the subject of nerdiness, I'm going to visit Jennie in Ottawa this weekend, where she will show me around her new favourite hangout, the national archives.

Oh, and here is my first non gazette :( article

And by request, my brother on my dad's vintage dirtbike. Also, check out Jonathan's amazing pics here:
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Yours in geekiness...


Gillian Edworthy said...

Dal - you would not believe the MAC store they have in DC... its HUGE! and it has its own security guard...

everytime i walk by it reminds me of you and your tool kit! haha, i miss those makeover days...

see you in two months!
cheers :)

andrew said...

you can get the polaroid template here,

and i dont use blogger so it's hard for me to help you with your layout, but if you give me a problem i might be able to sort it out.