15 October 2006


A couple of gin and tonics, and it all starts to pour out. Throughts swim too quickly in intoxicated waters. I am sapped [sic] of motivation to work.

Last week, right before I walked by the above mural, I saw a man do coke from an old whiteout container via a straw. He kept glancing back at us sketchily. I also learned that moon cakes are made from lotus flowers, and the hunt is on to find some.

Every time we have people up to visit, I remember how much food there is to choose from in this city, and I feel like I eat half a city's worth of food.

It's so nice to have your recent past come back to you, like an air that blows through the open door, when friends come to visit.

My days of student journalism are not yet over, it seems. I've started writing for Concordia's paper, the Link, which by no means compares to The Gazette, but does have some reliably feisty and provocative articles.

I'm hoping a blues band (that just happens to be seeking a singer)will miraculously fall into my lap. Chances are I'm going to have to seek one out more actively, however.

If I get this scholarship, I think another trip to Tanzania will be in the works. More on that later.

TV on the Radio show was a barrel full of spastic, soulful fun. As was a long-awaited trip to Foufounes electrique (electric buttcheeks0, the intriguing biker-esque bar with a giant spider over the entrance.

There's something for everyone around here.


Chad Nevett said...

Heh. I've also started writing for Windsor's student paper, The Lance. We're, like, addicted or something.

dallas said...

Nice, send me a link to your articles, if you can

andrew said...

whoa little too much white in this layout i'd say, that picture is really awesome though. i saw some pretty good street art in my neighbourhood the other day too, it said "yuppies not welcome here", haha

dallas said...

Dewaard, you're my techno guru IS too white, and I need your help! Anything you can suggest would be most welcome, although I've got some ideas of my own cooking as well

Jenn said...

I love the new blog Dal, how appropriate - new blog, new life. Looks like my exams will finish early this year, so if you guys are still around when I come home I'd love to get together! Whenever you are feeling too lazy to post - just think of a dissapointed Godbout seated in front of her little comp. with her morning coffee : )
Miss you lots!