12 October 2006

musical interlude

Please bear with me as I re-create my blog. A fix-up was long overdue, but I am by no means an expert in the realms of web design, or even template manipulation. Soon it should be all finished.

Just ate some $2 chow mein with peanut sauce from a window vendor on st. laurent. A few of us (just a few) from the program have decided to keep it real and enjoy life aside from books as well. Thank goodness there are some fun-lovers around here.

But seriously, I have to get down to biz with my schoolwork for a bit.

Boucher and Trav are coming for the weekend... can't wait!

I started my first guitar lesson today. Very productive.

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Erin said...

I'm liking the new layout...I know nothing of computers, and wish I could make my own blog was pretty! Bah, my incompetancy at all things technological.

dallas said...

you can switch your blog to blogger beta, the semi-finished new system. it makes it a lot easier to maipulate your blog that way...and it's fun. wow, I sound like such an ad, but I really mean it. you can play with all sorts of colours and fonts, and layouts