03 December 2006

I love love love love the snow

"The purest form of pleasure is the pleasure of anticipation"

-Julian Barnes

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Finally, it feels natural to be locked away inside, writing papers. This is a time of year I've always loved. It's close to the holidays, but not so close that I feel rushed. The snow is falling slowly....and, okay, we had an ice storm here that caused a power outage, that caused me to lose 3 hours of essay work... but I'm over it and enamoured by the romance of the snowflakes.

See you when this paper is in :)


ETC'd said...

man, that second picture is great

i SO badly want to move to montreal

Erin said...

Lovely pictures and a great post. I'm finally feeling that warm holiday vibe, with just 2 exams left and some presents finally bought. There were flurries today but no real snow, which I'm secretly thankful for because I really don't like snow unless it's the pretty, fluffy kind. Wet snow is my nemesis. If it makes my feet wet then I'm miserable!

Good luck on the paper!

Buffy said...

Have I told you lately how much I love your blog?

Because I do.

Especially the photos.

Happy New Year lady!