07 January 2007

in the dead of winter

The trees and grass look particularly gray and melancholy...and confused, here in the city. They look awkward too, as though someone caught them naked, without their seasonal blanket of snow. I feel bad for the landscape.

In other news, my camera has gone in for surgery. Some glitch with the CCD chip or something like that has caused ugly horizontal lines to scar all my photos. Canon is fixing it for free, though, along with my old camera that I thought was beyond hope. If your camera screws up, do not take it into the store where you bought it! They will only tell you it needs to be sent in, and will give a base repair price of over $150 so you will buy a new camera. Both Black's and Canon are notorious for this, so don't be fooled. It has happened to me twice, but never again! Instead, send an angry yet articulate email to the manufacturer, refusing to pay for something that appears to have essentially self-destructed.

Needless to say, I won't be able to take as many photos as I would like to over the next while, which may make this site seem a little lacklustre. But fear not, I promise to be back in technicolour as soon as my camera is brought back to life. In the meantime, my dear roommate was kind enough to lend me his new camera today...

Despite the desolate weather conditions, Montreal is looking good: the streets are full of impossibly fashionable people (except for our 'hood, which in case I've failed to mention, is full of weirdos), stores are full of winter sales, the sweet smell of wood oven-baked bagels is wafting in the air, and the bus is waiting to take me back to school tomorrow. Back to the books it is then.


ETC'd said...

your blog has become my favorite one to visit during my regular daily blog diet

i hope you had a great holiday and that the trip back to montreal went well


Dallas said...

Thank you very much, Anni. Also, thanks for your generosity with my fund as well. I really appreciate it.