04 February 2007

"french exoticism"

Not only was Opera de Montreal's production of Lakme not sleep-inducing, it was breathtaking. Canadian coloratura soprano Aline Kutan was the best singer I have ever had the fortune to hear in person. What a voice! I could only dream of ever having that much control of my pipes. She was graceful and powerful, completely dominating the stage; all eyes followed her wherever she moved. I don't mean to play down the prowess of the rest of the cast, but I have never seen one performer have such...magnetism.

The set design and costumes were jewel-toned and elegant. Saris swirled in the stage fog, and bustling market scenes gleamed with dangling jewels and bouncing cages filled with faux tropical birds.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.

This morning I tried out an Ashtanga yoga class, which was no easy feat. I mean sure, the incense and the peaceful music make it seem like it's going to go smoothly. and sure, the world-class, lulu-clad instructor with his nimbleness made it look easy as hell, but it was challenging!

Today is superbowl Sunday. I called my family to see who my brothers were rooting for (so I would know who to cheer for--go Colts!). Now Brian and I will continue a winning streak of procrastination while we eat pizza, watch the game, assemble our new Ikea aquisitions, and put of thinking about thesis proposals a little bit longer.

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