08 February 2007

winter wedding

The week is almost over and it is time to get fancy. Elke's wedding is this Saturday. I called her last night to see how things were shaping up, and she was entirely calm.

"Actually, everything has been falling into place really nicely."

Good to know someone is calm. Not only is this the first wedding I have been to, besides my aunt and uncle's wedding. At the time I was their 3-year-old flower girl and I apparently stopped in the middle of the aisle and ran over to try to sit with my mom and dad when I saw them. I remember standing there the whole ceremony, fiddling with my dress, being really thirsty, and wondering why my aunt Lena and uncle Gary were talking about parting at Death.

Things have changed, and hopefully I won't mess anything up at this one. Elke is my first friend to get married! She has asked me to sing "Ave Maria" right after the ceremony. I am excited to do it, but I know I will be comparing myself to the choir boy in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet the whole time. I mean, no one can compete with that kid. But seriously, I'm honoured to have the change. It's just that I think I'm more nervous than the bride herself.


Erin said...

Ahhhhhh, I LOVE that choir kid! His name is Quentin something, I believe...I had downloaded a few clips of him singing on my old laptop. So good. I can only assume that his voice changed and he has subsequently faded into obscurity forever, or he will re-emerge in a rap video like the choir boy from "Sister Act". Remember him in that song about prostitution??

Have fun at the wedding and in Burlington this weekend. I'm not going home this weekend but hopefully I'll see you next time. Take care!!

Mandy said...

Weird!!! I was just thinking about Quentin Tarvor like two days ago in my car! I was listening to
"Everybody's Free" and remembering that I want that song in my wedding some day. And how hard it will be to try and find some kid with a voice like his to sing it. Damn his puberty. What song is "Ave Maria"? Does he sing it in the movie? Anywho, Curow I'm sure you'll be great! Have fun and I'll talk to ya soon.

Erin said...

Ave Maria is the best hymn EVER. Or one of them, at least. Schubert version all the way though.