16 March 2007

give and take

"Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is."
-The Spice Girls

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I came across an issue of Photoshop magazine a while ago that instructed nerds like me how to touch up old film photos, and even make them look like oil paintings (and not in a cheesy, one filter kind of way either). That activity, for now, is my pet procrastination project.

You see I have this new thing about being productive. My life for the last couple of months has been all about consumption: consuming readings and books, consuming countless movies from Movieland (the great video rental place down the street), consuming many glasses (ahem: bottles) of wine and late-night General Tao tofu at one of the various noodle houses in my hood, consuming albums of new music, and spring 2007 fashion photos. In fact, first semester, one of our profs actually told us that it is our responsibility to consume as many cultural products/news items/trends/ideas as possible. I've taken heed, but I'm afraid I've been consuming overzealously.

But what fun is life if you're not also producing things with your own hands and mind? I feel I've accomplished a lot this year, but I sometimes don't have sense of accomplishment. So lately, I've been consciously steering farther away from Facebook, and closer to: my guitar and my songwriting, my photography, my academic writing, you get the point. I want to give things instead of just taking. But Geri and the girls had it right--taking is so easy.

Anyways, here are a few samples of my works in progress. They're all from my high school and undergrad makeup portfolios (some are just makeup, some are makeovers, as you will see).

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Buffy said... it. Which magazine was it in? (edition...)

I need a new procrastination project too.

Arieh said...

What a fantastic surprise to see Megan on your blog this eve Dallas - I thought she was quite the amazingly beautiful woman while at UWO, but never had the gumption to let her know - bummer!

Thanks for the smile though - she has a other-worldly one!

Dallas said...

Hi Buffy,
I just checked, and it was the September 2005 issue of Photoshop User magazine. You can check it out online here.