20 March 2007

green daze

After a week of snow, melting slush, street fires, smashed windows, and humiliating myself in class among other such events, a weekend-long St. Patrick's day celebration was certainly welcomed. Saturday/Sunday stood as the last couple of freedom-filled days before delving into all the year end madness. How is the school year already coming to an end? Seriously, what have I been doing?

Alas, St. Patrick's day was spent sipping creme de menthe with Bailey's on the rocks, and drinking convenience store beer on the streets in the snowy weather, while waiting in line at the crowded pubs, playing my Irish tin whistle for adoring fans, and bashing my knee into a parking metre while jumping to grab icicles. Sunday we dragged ourselves out to watch Montreal's famous St. Patrick's Day parade to marching bands, giant St Pats on wheels, dogs dressed in costumes, and for me to have my foot essentially puked on by a small child.

After the parade, we had some guests over, and I cooked a large "Irish" brunch of soda bread, cooked cabbage, scrambled eggs with brie, breakfast sausages, and shamrock shakes. I was full for the entire day after that spread, let me tell you.

I find it kind of ironic that my academic research entails the use of blogs for sharing human rights and world health issues, and here I am detailing my Sunday menu to you. That's something I gotta work on--you know, not being a giant hypocrite. But life is about balance, isn't it? My brain is full of school stuff by the time I come to write here, so all I have left to share is a mundane collection of thoughts and events. But that's going to change over time.

Also, it's driving me crazy that all of the funniest, juiciest things I want to share don't seem appropriate for such a public realm. You know, the best stuff that spills out like beer on a bar table (or due to it), or the legion of characters I've been meeting. However, rest assured that a tell-all book is on the way. Those of you who might think grad school is only about dusty books might be interested to hear the tales I've been observing, experiencing and collecting. I'll find a way to share, somehow.

Right now the promise of spring temperatures have me hoping wistfully that the rest of the week will seem less dismal.


Chris in NF said...

I think experiencing grad school is the only way to truly appreciate its truly sordid, weird, and vaguely creepy melange of ego, sex and insecurity. As far as it goes, I was happy having people believe it was all about dusty books and arid intellectualism. It made it less likely that I would be publicly shunned, which during my comps year at least was really the most logical societal response people could have had.

As far as St. Patty's Day goes, I said my piece this time last year.

Jess said...

Dear lord, can I proof it before it goes to print?

PS - Sorry to your friend for spilling beer on the wrapping paper. Eeesh. My clumsy beer-fuelled antics are becoming less and less charming as the months pass...ha!

Dallas said...

Your antics are what keep me sane around here!

And forget proofing, how about you be a co-writer?!