29 June 2007

stranger every day

This is how happy I was when I still had the black jacket (see above) that I got for my birthday.

After the last time I visited my grandma's house, I couldn't find it when I was packing up to leave. I figured my mom had already grabbed it or something. I should have known something was fishy when my grandma brought up a completely different black jacket (with giant shoulder pads) to my parents' place, saying "Oh, here's that jacket of yours you were looking for."

Guess, just guess where my brother (who has been living at my grandma's) told me my ACTUAL jacket is?

It is now owned by the man who lives in my grandma's garage. Worse, my grandma, who knew he had, sent a decoy jacket to me to try to fool me.

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Anonymous said...

Dallas, That is too funny!! I love that photo also!!! So irish...

see you soon,