10 July 2007

This summer has just been flying by so far. I would have to attribute my inconsistent blogging to the inconsistencies in my own lifestyle right now. I have been back and forth between home, school, cottage weekends and family reunions. I have no regular sleep pattern, work "routine" or any kind of regimen right now, but I don't mind. This is my life as a grad student, and I am finally embracing it. The Montreal jazz festival has just come to a close, construction is choking up the streets, restaurants and bars are all open-air, and there's that mysterious summer smell in the air.

I am making plans as I go, and trying to make the best of this summer in many cities. I have a lot of catching up to do on this old blog, so stay tuned over the next while for lots more pictures and stories.

pond swimming

Fireworks in Meaford

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etc'd said...

gorgeous photos dal

hope the summer is going well

take care!!