19 July 2007

beauty in the streets

Pulling myself away from reading the 6th Harry Potter book to refresh myself before the 7th comes out (I was a little hazy when I first read it, seeing as I had malaria at the time), and in between my bursts of research, I have still been managing to keep up with my photography. Between paid and amateur gigs, I am keeping busy thanks to friends and word of mouth. This latest shoot was done in the Old Port, just streets away from the cramped and touristy streets of old Montreal.

My subject this time was an extremely good sport, especially since I had her hanging off fire escapes and climbing fences, and in high quality clothing nonetheless!

I have several new photo projects on the go, and, if I am successful in talking my ballerina cousin into strapping on the old toe shoes for a shoot this weekend, I could have new stuff up very soon. Until then, I will be trying to research during the days, and guiltily sampling Montreal cuisine during the evenings, while trying to shake off the looming image of newly buff Hilary Duff on the cover of SHAPE magazine that shakes its finger at my poor late-night food habits.

More photos here.

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NeoRichard said...

I know that it's maybe stupid, but the last week I thought that should practice my english (i speak spanish, am chilean) and I thought that a good way would be chatting with somebody. So, I found your beautiful photos on your blog and I decided post you.

I'm Richard, have 21 years, student too (absolutely agree about books and drinks xD).

Well, I hope your answer. Good luck! Bye!

P.S: if you're not interested, delete this post ;).
P.S.2: am sorry if i wrote wrong something =P