17 July 2007

my texistence (and its bane)

On more than one occasion over the last year, I have proclaimed texting, or more specifically, those who text incessantly, to be the bane of my existence. Text-a-holics are more than a slight annoyance, more than simply rude--they actually make my life worse. They suck joy out of my life, and are therefore a bane (or killer) of my happiness.

I love the ease, cheapness, efficiency and surreptitiousness of texting over phone calls. I can understand why people text. I text. But when I choose to do so, I ensure that it is not going to disturb my conversation with someone, or offend or endanger any other person. It is very simple to wait until a conversation, or other engaging task is over to decide to send or reply to a text message. People who choose not to wait, or are simply overwhelmed by the urge to reply to a friend's "wut u up to 2nite?" inquiry, to finish a conversation or other task are rude, stupid people.

I really cannot believe that people cut their companions off in mid conversation to tediously press a bunch of digits, only to reply, "not 2 much, just talking to some friends."

Imagine my disgust then, for moms who push baby strollers through crowded streets while texting, owners who don't notice that their chiuahua is relieving itself while they are busy texting (and consequently walk away leaving a steaming pile of rat-dog poo in their wake), or--the gravest offenders--those who text and drive.

Last week, 5 teenage girls were killed in a head-on collision that occurred in between text messages sent and received on the driver's phone. It is believed that the driver was sending messages to friends in the area, asking what they were up to that weekend. This has been well discussed in the news, but I still cannot believe how stupidly tragic this incident is. WHY would anyone possibly endanger the lives of her friends in order to send a text message?

It is a terrible tragedy, and I feel horrible speaking badly of the dead, but when I see friends, my younger relatives and strangers texting constantly, oblivious to their rudeness as well as to their immediate surroundings, I get very angry and very worried. Just WAIT! Wait 5 minutes until your conversation is over, or you can stop walking or, for god's sake driving. Life will wait for you.


Mandy said...

You tell em Curow! Tell em good! I feel rage as well when I see that happen or when people do that to me while I am talking to them. It's like..." Well I'm sorry I bore you."

s. nicole said...

i agree, but still think texting is better than actually talking on your phone when you're in a group setting. i mean, at least no one has to hear the OMG WTF's, you know?

then again, i have a friend who will sit in a corner and spend half the night texting boys, only looking up to order drinks, like she's lindsay lohan or something. not the bane of my existence, exactly, but a definite party-killer.

Dallas said...

Texting is absolutely a step up from talking, especially on public transportation. I welcome texts over phone calls, especially when people are discussing private experiences. One of my friends overheard a girl telling her friend how she had wet herself while drunk. It just seems to me that so many people spend so much time texting while they are out with friends, that they aren't really enjoying the evening itself.

Jess said...

Bah! I just left a comment and it didn't work.

The jist is this: I have read your post twice, and I vow, from now on, to change my patterns of behaviour in order to curb my textaholism. Every time I reach for my phone after hearing that "new text message" beep while I'm in the car, or walking down the street, I will think of you, Dallas, giving me the stink-eye and shaking your finger at me. I am ashamed, for I am exactly the texting moron you have described.

"Every time you text inappropriately, a little piece of Dallas' happiness dies." (Repeat)