08 September 2007

Happy Birthday, Brian

The old bf turns 24 today.

A few days ago, I was telling Brian about how when I was 16, I had a huge collage on my bedroom walls featuring skethes, paintings, photographs and cut-and-paste pieces. I was very proud of this wall treatment, and really felt it reflected my different hobbies and passions.

During the same summer that I completed this collage, I dated a guy who would later break up with me for being "too artsy." Frustrated and hurt by his explanation, I promptly removed my treasured artwork. I packed all of my favourite work away under my bed. I tried to give my room a more pared-down and "normal" look to it, lest I lose any more boyfriends to excessive artsiness.

Years later, it seems ridiculous that I was so affected by this guy (whose room was way artsier--with spray painted walls--than mine, might I add). Looking back, it seems downright stupid to be affected by those who are so clearly not right for us. Now my room, and the apartment I share with Brian, is full of art--not just mine, but also his. I sometimes take for granted how great it feels to be myself around a partner, but right now I realize with gratitude Brian's tolerance for my messiness, my forgetfulness ... and my artsiness.

Any guy who is out buying his own birthday cake because his girlfriend spent all her money on wine and crab dip, is a guy worth keeping.


Jess said...

How sweet! I hope you guys have fun tonight - have a glass of wine (or bottle) for me. I'll be there in spirit (I'm going to see Arth's band play tonight so I'll do a shot in Brian's honour)!

'Normal' is for people with no personality and closed minds...yuk.

Anonymous said...

Aww Dallas, you are so cute. Brian is a keeper!

miss you,