23 September 2007

parallel lives

One of my closest childhood friends is now a mama. She just had a baby girl. A baby. I haven't seen this friend in years, but a new baby (and her new state as a mom) seems to be a damn good reason to plan a visit.

I just find it weird and wonderful how two women who grew up together--she and I--can be at such different places in our lives right now. I vividly remember building cardboard maze haunted houses for the neighbourhood, reading Sweet Valley Twins books, and watching YTV's Are You Afraid of the Dark together. Then I moved away from our shared neighbourhood, and we both went through our respective adolescences (very different ones for that matter). Jump to now, maybe 8 years since I've seen her, when she has a baby. And a husband. And a house.

And this is so weird and fantastic. Time shapes things so quickly. I keep wondering how I went so quickly from 16 to 24. How things went from me doing her makeup for her first modelling headshots, and listening to stories of her life that was so different even then from my life, to me wondering how she was getting along, to me having my fingers crossed for her, to me hearing that she giving public speeches to at-risk youth and urging them not to take the same paths she did, to me hearing she was doing so much better than before, to now...when she has a baby.

And I (at least immediately) have reading to do, a disc of episodes of Ghost Whisperer to watch, and more photo shoots lined up. Oh, and a post-grad school future to plan.

Series of events like this certainly stand as gauges for the sneaking passage of time. But what a scary and nerve-wracking and yet fantastic time this is, for both of us.

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