22 September 2007


I am trying to find room in my very small closet for dozens of new items I recently accrued after hip-checking gaggles of Montreal fashion scavengers.

Allow me to explain: A local clothing shop, Marche MTL held a fundraising event called Swaparama which was described by the store owners as "a clothing swap in which the Montreal Fashionistas and Hipsters explore creative reuse through the recycling of used clothing."

Although I shudder at being grouped in with Hipsters, the event concept was really quite cool and eco-friendly. Essentially, if one made a clothing donation, the cost of the event was $5. This money entitled one to a 20 minute spree of filling bags with any clothing that seems appealing. Despite being mostly on the lookout for costumes for subjects of future photo and painting projects, I did manage to find some very wearable day-to-day stuff as well. The majority of the clothes were nice, good quality items.

It was a lot different that browsing endlessly through Christmas sweaters to find a decent cardigan at Value Village. In fact, I even found a raspberry hued American Apparel dress, a pair of perfectly fitting, stonewashed jeans, a chocolate brown satin blouse, and a cropped biker style jacket. This might have been the farthest I've stretched five bucks in a long time.

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