05 October 2007


Being home for Thanksgiving seems to make fall feel official. Today it is a pretty unseasonal 28 degrees celcius, though the sky is that amazing shade of blue that characterizes October.

And, through a steady diet of pumpkin themed foods, I have been able to wean myself off of summer. Why do pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pies, and the general appearance of ubiquitous pumpkins bring so much joy into my heart? I'm not sure, but maybe I will have an answer for you after I attend Pumpkinfest tomorrow.

One of the best things about living in a multicultural neighbourhood in Montreal is that I get to vicariously celebrate, or at least learn about the festivals and holidays of other countries. Last week, for example, I tried moon cakes for the first time, as part of the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival. Any festival that involves food is worth celebrating for me. The moon cake I tried (see above) was a intricately designed pastry filled with a custard filling made with duck eggs and a lotus seed paste. It was delicate and delicious.

Still, it's tough to beat a pumpkin pie.

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erin said...

yay (?) for pumpkinfest. i will also be spending my saturday there.