03 October 2007

taking and giving

"I like characters who do not embody my point of view, but who have an autonomous existence outside of what I think."

- Canadian photographer Jeff Wall

As I begin to devote more and more of my free time to photography, I find that my technique is changing considerably. With each successive shoot, I feel increasingly spontaneous. My work is now less about my idea of a person's visual facets, and more about teasing out those corners of a personality an individual is bold enough to share. It is less about vision, and more about having a conversation with my subject.

More photos of Peter at his home and in Montreal's Parc Lafontaine


Arieh Singer said...

I really enjoyed your words in this post. You'll notice that not only as your creativity and spontaneity improve, so does your creative eye and talent. You take truly captivating and personal photos - which is why I anjoy coming back here!

Keep it up - you have quite a talent!

Anonymous said...

Karsh described that same "conversation" in his book _Portraits of Greatness_ which I recently read.