01 October 2007

no move so fast

An elderly eastern-European lady slowly pushes her walker and its basket full of groceries down the ramp out of the grocery store. A woman in her mid-twenties who is rushing into the store bumps the lady and nearly knocks over her groceries.

"I am so sorry, Ma'am," says the girl, "I really didn't mean to do that. I lost my balance."

The older lady just laughs and says, "Oh you don't worry. You vill get in there in time. You no move so fast to get there. Belief me, you vill be there before you know!"

Homecoming weekend approached, was awesome, and passed in the blink of an eye, as did the year in between this weekend and the last time I went "home" to Western. Peoples' haircuts are different or exactly the same, peoples' careers are starting or are eluding them, and peoples' flip-cup skills are still up to par.

Whatever people may say about Western, it certainly has fostered a sense of community that endures far beyond graduation day.

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Paige said...

lovely post! and certainly making me ever-more sad for missing out on homecoming...