24 November 2007

first winter walk

I love this time of year as a student. Even though it can be super stressfull, with papers galore coming due and cold/flu season gearing up, it also provides a great excuse to stay in yoga pants all day while working around the house. Once 4:30 hits and dusk falls, early-onset darkness seems like a great excuse to call it a day and go out for a winter walk. Of course, I never leave the house without my camera.

I've recently decided to change photo blogs. I will most likely still link to my rational snaps page for longer photoshoots, but I now have a daily photoblog here.

If you are interested in starting your own daily photoblog, the hosting service I'm currently using, Aminus3, is really great. Not only is the interface really clean and simple, Am3 also has a great community of photoblogs. I started receiving comments on my work from other photographers within days of signing up. If you're looking for feedback, and/or to be inspired by other photographers, check it out.

I have 2 photoshoots with brand new models lined up next week, so stay tuned for lots of photos here, and on my new daily photoblog.

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