25 November 2007

late night/early morning

This morning around 5 am, we were on our way home from a festive night of egg nog punch and Sing Star Kareoke. We needed money for the long cab ride home, but there was nary a bank machine in sight. The ATMs we did find were not working, so we kept walking.

"At this rate, we won't make it home before the sun comes up!" I whined, through chattering teeth.

"Dallas, look around you. It's a beautiful night. It's snowing just a little. We can sleep in until whatever time we want tomorrow. This is a pretty amazing time in our lives, so we should appreciate it. Remember to relax."

I pulled my hood over my head and kept walking into the wind, keeping my face down to avoid the snowflakes that were hitting me in the eyes. I was still feeling prety uptight until I peered from under my hood and saw my tipsy companion stumbling all over the sidewalk trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

I was about to warn him about the dangers of polluted snow, when I stopped taking things so seriously. I took a cue from my walking partner, and began to enjoy the simple fun of an early winter snowfall on the long walk home.

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