16 November 2007

on another note

Tired of the same old look? Wish you had the makeup and hair skills to switch things up a little bit?

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of instructional hair and makeup videos. I have recently learned how to create gorgeous curls with a a flat iron, and how to do the burlesque makeup look. Thank you YouTube.

Here's a good flat iron curls video:

Or, if you have a curling iron, here's how to create "a sexy, beachy, supermodel wave look.":

Here is one that demonstrates how to do a smokey eye.

I could post thousands of these videos, but if you're interested, explore the related videos to these ones on YouTube. A lot of them are for makeup and hair beginners, but there are some more advanced ones as well. Enjoy.


Jess said...

I particularly like the Sean Paul soundtrack to the smokey eye video. It makes the smokey eye feel so hip!

Erin said...

Weird! My friend Stacey came out with beautiful smokey eyes the other night, and when I commented on how nice she looked, she said, "I looked up 'how to do a smokey eye' on YouTube!"

YouTube makeup is all the rage right now, haha.