23 December 2007

the icy storm

I made it back to Ontario just in time--before last week's crazy snow storm hit. While most sane people were cozied up indoors, I couldn't resist the urge to brave the bitter cold and venture down to see how the storm was hitting the lake. I dragged my cousin along, and we walked through the storm, warming our hands with quickly cooling cups of hot chocolate. The lake was wild, with icy waves crashing aggressively into the shore. Everything within 50 feet of the water was coated in a thick layer of ice.

Despite cold so harsh I couldn't feel my fingers on the camera, I felt compelled to stay at the lake, in awe of the fierce power of the storm. My cousin still had her senses, however, and started to retreat as she felt the threat of frostbite. I loped awkwardly after her in the deep snow.

Then the next day, after the storm had passed, it left a gorgeous icy world in its wake. Perfect, I thought, for a winter photoshoot. Luckily, my friend Jonina agreed to model for me. I thought her Icelandic features (and amazing hair) seemed to suit the scenery, but that's just my opinion.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Wow! If only Winnipeg could get some kind of cool after effect from its storms like a coat of ice. All we get is mountains of snow and slush. Ick.

You friend has the most amazing hair!