05 January 2008

post-holiday wrap up

Of the few weeks I have been home in Ontario, over half of the nights have been spent sleeping on friends' couches. It has been fantastic. I haven't had this much time off since high school. However, it has also left me a little dizzy.

From singing kareoke in Toronto's little Korea, to arguing with my friend Amy over her terrible texting-and-driving habits while staying at her place, to running into old friends at hometown bars, to hosting 20 people at my cottage for a New Year's party (when the septic system stopped working, and we were almost snowed in), to a Lost season 3 marathon, to packing up my only half-unpacked bags.

I've got my list of resolutions in tow, and I'm ready to get back to Montreal tomorrow. It's intimidating facing the year ahead, a year in which I have to:

a) write my thesis
b) find a job
c) decide where I will live after my lease ends
d) deal with all the other decisions that will follow those things

Cheers to a productive year for all of us!

1 comment:

anni spadafooooo said...

I must say, it was amazing seeing you this year (wow, that sounds weird). But it's true--seeing you when I came to Montreal was one of the highlights of my trip

I hope all is well and that your holidays/new years were great!

Keep well!