04 February 2008

fighting the urge to hibernate

Since I always seem to be short on time, I am continually looking for ways to save it. The latest revelation I just have to share. If you at any point need to get your first Canadian passport, or renew an expired one, I recommend going through epass, which allows you to fill out the forms online (registering yourself in the system), print off the forms, and take them in to the passport office. By doing this step, you will save yourself hours of dreaded waiting time. When I walked into the passport office today there was a sign that said "Average waiting time: 2 hours." Because I did my forms through epass, I was in and out of the passport office in a mere 15 minutes. Many thanks to Peter, who recommended this time-saving step to me.

In an effort to streamline my daily makeup routine (or just to read more about makeup) I recently purchased the book Beauty Confidential by Nadine Haobsh. I am a fan of her blog, Jolie in NYC, which has great beauty advice, product reviews et cetera. Greedily taking in all of her knowledge gained as a former beauty editor, I finished the book in a day. I would highly recommend it for fellow beauty junkies, and for people looking to learn more about that superficial but beloved realm of life.

This past weekend, we hosted my 18-year-old brother and 5 of his (very tall) friends at our apartment. It was a little on the overwhelming side to say the least, but I think the young gents enjoyed their first time away from home sans moms and dads. As you can see above, they made short work of transforming our living room.

In between hosting guests, nursing my thesis research and working out, I have been baking a hell of a lot of pies, desperately trying not to burn the crust for once. Last week's pecan-chocolate-chip was pretty tasty, as is tonight's carrot custard pie. I'm no Martha Stewart, but at least I have a new hobby for these cold Montreal winter days.

When I do decide to venture outside, it's usually to a bar, restaurant, or weekly movie night (Tuesday nights are under 10 bucks for a movie, popcorn and drink). I can now say I've ordered a cheese platter, which I've always wanted to do:

...and tried maple creme brulee, which was fantastic.

And went skating at Parc Lafontaine on Sunday evening, to work off all the damn pie I've been eating!


small&shiny said...

yum yum yum you make me hungry!!!
Bake me a pie!!
Guess who I am??

Anonymous said...

Wait, does that comment sound sexual? I'm sorry. It's me....Burns. *sigh of shame*.

I forgot my blogger password, therefore have no blogging idetity. Clearly, 'small&shiny' is a me.

Erin said...

Oooh, I want to go skating! I keep trying to get Adam to go to Harbourfront with me, but he can't skate and refuses to learn. Also, I left my skates in Edmonton at my cousin's house, and rentals just aren't the same.

I will let you know when the article comes out on the "other Dallas" - glad to know I'm not the only one with a weak spot for him! The mag is actually going to be distributed to Concordia this time around, so look for it on free press stands on campus around St. Patrick's Day...the Dallas thing will be on the cover. :)

Take care!