21 February 2008

masters of procrastination

What is it about some people that makes them unable to work without deadlines? I am definitely one of those people, and even I can't explain my compulsion to do everything but my work.

Sample distractions:

"Since I'm at the library anyways, why don't I look in the theatre section to see if there are any books on theatrical makeup (there were) and then read about aging techniques, applying bald caps and how to do 1940s style lips?"

"Since I just happen to pass the drugstore on my way home from the gym, I suppose I should browse this month's magazine covers. Oh, Avril posed for Maxim? I wonder if she stayed 'punk' or tried to do the whole ladylike thing?"

"Since I'm on the computer anyways, maybe I will Wikipedia Dexter to see where I recognize that actress from. While I'm at it, I'll just follow these links and read about the characteristics of a sociopath."

"Since I'm in that Oscar pool, I should probably look at critics' predictions before I make my final picks. Yep, I will go with Julie Christie fo best actress. What did her hair look like in Dr. Zhivago again? A simple Google image search will answer that..."

And so continues the demise of my thesis.

Luckily, a bunch of us from the program have recently started "thesis club," a weekly meeting where we discuss our week's progress. I'm not the only one having trouble committing to my thesis. We discuss our infidelities, set deadlines for eachother, and decide on punishments for those who don't meet them. I get by with a little help from my friends!

I'm heading to Philadelphia this weekend for a reading week I shouldn't be taking. But next week is full of promise!

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Erin said...

At least you make it as far as the library! You are one up on me.

Good luck with everything.