26 February 2008

what I returned home to after reading week

Also, this email from the government job I applied for:

"I regret to inform you that you were unsuccessful in obtaining the minimum level required to qualify in the interview process. For this reason, your application will not be given further consideration."

Yikes, what a week this is starting off to be! Things can only go up from here.

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Erin said...

Too bad about the job - there will be others, though, and probably something better. :)

Re: bugs. We get these notices every once and a while, and have never seen a cockroach in our apartment in 2 years of living here. However, my friends a few floors down from us had a couple of roaches, and one visit from the Orkin man was all it took to get rid of them. Bottom probably will never see any, and if you do, they are easily killed if you get to them fast.

Also, I'm happy to note that your building management can't spell either. We get notices about "power sweaping the parking lot" with an added note of "You're coperation is apreciate." The 'you're' bothers me most of all.