26 February 2008

the streets of philadephia

I will hereafter remember my latest trip to Philadephia as the time I nearly puked in my Sephora bag in the rental car on the highway.

Backing up a wee bit: Brian and I decided to take advantage of our free* weekend rental from Avis and head down to Philly for his sister's senior weekend. She plays college hockey, and the weekend featured the team's final home games of the season (and her career), as well as a lot of celebrations in honour of the eight seniors who will be graduating this year.

Now, not being much of an athlete** myself, I have never really had the opportunity to celebrate with a sports team of any kind, let alone an American college sports team. I was really touched by all the efforts put forth to make the weekend special for the players and their families. I actually got a little misty eyed while taking pictures of Brian's family standing on a red carpet on the rink while his sister's accomplishments as team captain were listed.

Then came the night's festivities. All of the players and their families (and me) headed to the local sports bar for dinner and drinks. I always forget how enormous American-size portions are, and yet, when a plate piled with enough food to feed me for days is placed in front of me, I ain't going to turn in away. Brian ordered this monstrosity of a meal for dinner:
Many, many American glasses of wine (read: double the size) later, I found myself dancing with all the proud hockey moms (Soulja Boy and JT being songs of choice), drinking from a tower of beer while feverishly entering a children's colouring contest, and later being weird enough to order Cointreau on the rocks at the hotel bar. Sick.

The next morning, Brian was unusually full of energy and excited to head downtown to do some sightseeing. I think the giant, cheese-soaked meal he ate made him immune to a hangover like mine. His sister was feeling low like me, and opted out of the daytime activities, only saying "OK, have fun, but make sure you don't get lost and end up in North Philly, West Philly, or some parts of South Philly."

Brian somehow convinced me to get in the car, and after a bumpy ride and the bright sun beaming in my eyes, I found myself dumping out my new makeup purchases and shoving my head in that Sephora bag, fighting the nausea with all my might.

Eventually the worst passed and I was able to enjoy the lovely weather and the downtown core of Philly.

Other trip highlights included:
- Tax-free shopping and dining in Delaware, which I just found out is the tax-free state. Makeup shopping has never been so guilt-free!
- Eating. A lot.
- Watching the Oscars in the hotel room. Sort of. Kind of a lacklustre show, but Brian and I had money on this year's awards, which upped the ante. He won $25. I was not so lucky.

On the note of Oscar fashion, I believe I'm the only person who liked Catherine Heigl's hair, Nicole Kidman's necklace and even Rebecca Miller's red bows on her dress (but only the bows). I do have a penchant for the tacky.

Another reading week has come and quickly passed. Stay tuned for review of my favourite new beauty products, coming as soon as I have a spare moment.

*Nowhere near free. Try over $300.

** Save for my brief sojourn as a wannabe swimmer, in which I managed to be pity-inspiring enough to win "Most Improved" two years in a row.

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Jenn said...

LOL!!! Dal, this post killed me. I can say with complete certainty that this is the most you've made me laugh in the entire history of our friendship. I love you and will teach you to the ocean!