29 March 2008


In my research, I have come across the work of some fantastic writers. One person who has really stood out to me is Nigerian poet and author Ben Okri. In his book A Way of Being Free, he often seems to see clearly into the hearts of all sorts of people. One phrase that I like in particular:

"A young woman, standing on a shore, looks out into an immense azure sea rimmed with the silver line of the horizon. She looks out into the obscure heart of destiny, and is overwhelmed by a feeling both dark and oddly joyful. She may be thinking something like this: 'My soul looks forward and wonders—just how am I ever going to get across?"

I just picked up Sarah Slean's latest album, The Baroness, and am finding it to be her best yet. Definitely recommend.

This is a quiet Saturday. Last night a bunch of us went out to Main Hall, a place that always seems to bring out the crazy in everyone who goes there. I spent too long talking to a moustached man, my one friend accidentally swan-dived off the side of the stage while dancing, and most of us aren't sure how we ended up home.

I guess I was in good spirits though, as I apparently sent the following text message to my friend Peter from Brian's cell:

"Hi dallas says she lovery you and you are a favonsive."

Despite being in school for 19 years, after a bottle of wine, I am always brought back to my kindergarten level of self expression.


Jess said...

Hahaha - oh how I miss those "MA Students Gone Wild" nights out. I lovery them so. You could even argue they are my favonsive.

Erin said...

I myself am a big fan of the drunken text, and enjoy that you got the term "lovery" in there, intended or not.

Everyone keeps talking about The Baroness and I have yet to get a copy! Damn my lack of money/overwhelming amount of work to be completed. I'll get to the mall eventually.

Dallas said...

Erin, you're a huge Slean fan...get on that. You will love it. I esp love the first 3 songs, but they are all incredible.

Erin said...

I know! Usually I pre-order her albums - I am that lame. I definitely need to get on that this weekend when I'm shopping for a birthday present for my brother...maybe a grad present to myself?!

Congrats on finishing a chapter of your thesis!