28 March 2008

it might as well be spring

Maybe cheap strawberries at the grocery store mean that spring is on its way at long last!

Life on the ice planet was wearing on me. Now that I'm not yet going to be a theatre star, I have to decide what else I would like to do...or how else I am going to get there. That means it's back to the drawing board. That means I have to decide whether or not I will be staying in this city. Until yesterday, as I said, the cold was wearing on me. I was frustrated with this never-ending winter and the perpetually ice-encrusted state the streets and sidewalks.

But now, with the temperature at a comparatively balmy 4 degrees Celcius, the city is coming alive again. There is such a huge difference between Montreal in summer and winter. For those people who have only visited it during the latter's months, please come back when the sun is shining and the terraces are packed with people drinking pitchers of sangria. Spring and summer are when Montreal shines, at least in my mind.

I am almost finished the first main chapter of my thesis, with two more to be completed by the end of May. I'm fuelling my progress by biting chunks of a dark chocolate Easter bunny. Speaking of sweets, here is a delightful little blog passed on to me by my friend Jess.

In anticipation for my next apartment, I picked up a couple additions to my ever-growing tacky tea set. I found these tulip cups and saucers at a warehouse store near my cottage:

And my parents got me pink, elephant shaped cream and sugar dishes for Easter. I can't wait to decorate my next place, which will hopefully be less of a concrete box and more of a quirky home. Now if only I knew what city it will be in.

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Erin said...

Those teacups are amazing, but the pink elephant dishes sound even better. Good luck choosing a destination - I'm sure you'll find success wherever you go.