25 May 2008

lovely lovely

Last night, I lugged a still-warm rhubarb crisp over to my friend Mark's house. I thought I was just going over for a quiet dinner, but when I walked into his apartment, almost all of my favourite people in Montreal were there yelling "surprise!"

I was genuinely shocked, and really touched. I have met some great people in this city. The rest of the evening was spent eating all the amazing food that people brought, and chatting over all sorts of booze.

Then today, after weeks of combing Craigslist and Kijiji ads, we finally found our new apartment. And it is fantastic. With etched glass french doors, pillars with angel face moulding, beautiful hardwood floors, two balconies, and a big kitchen, it is definitely a place I look forward to calling home.

Now that I know where I will be living, and have been reminded once again of the awesome friends I have made here, facing all the other unknown factors doesn't seem as scary.

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Jenn said...

Ooooh, so great Dal! Can't wait to see it (in the fall perhaps?).