28 May 2008

thoughts bobbing up in the midst of my frenzied writing

Hardcore Sex and the City fans are embarrassing me as a woman. Since I'm working at home and constantly taking daytime tv breaks to "wash my eyes clean" (as my writer friend suggests), I have found myself smack in the middle of the the SATC promo target market. If I hear one more person compare herself to Carrie et al, I am going to lose my mind. Your life is nothing like those characters' lives! Get on with your own life!

That being said, I will be at the premiere tomorrow, and enjoying every mindless minute of it.

The smell of frying pork usually holds little to no appeal for me. After 5 days straight of 6-14 hours/day of writing, the stuff Brian has frying in the kitchen (yes, at midnight) is truly tantalizing.

I have a few new beauty products to recommend, that are making my regime easier and wonderful, so stay tuned for that.

Why, when I'm diligently working on my paper in a usually quiet coffee shop, do two girls have to pass all the empty tables and sit next to me while they cram for an exam that has something to do with ancient funeral rites?
e.g. "First they crush up the bones, right"
"No, they burn them, then dance around the fire."
"I was sure they did something weird to the bones first."
"Maybe you're thinking of cremation."
"No, I know what that is...wait, why do they dance?"

kill me.

My eyes are bloodshot to shit from staring at this screen, but here I am blogging. The problem with so much fun stuff being via computer is that I rarely remember to take my breaks away from it. A "break" means opening a Safari window and combing French street style blogs.

A girl who I haven't spoken to since high school added me to Facebook today. For some reason, her incredibly friendly, inquisitive message ("It has been so long....what has it been? Like 7 years since high school? Did you get to be everything you had always inspired to be back then? You really were a star...) was utterly depressing and hilarious at the same time when I looked at myself in my stained sweatpants and garbage-piled desk, and muttered to myself "oh yeah, this is everything I always wanted!" Let this thesis end for god's sake.

that is all


Jenn said...

"Sex and the City is like the Superbowl for women" - The National Post.

Erin said...

Ugh, SATC. I'm sure it's a lovely movie, but I am so sick of those women!

Good luck with your continued thesising. :)