30 May 2008

set decorating

Potential spoiler alert: If you're planning to see the Sex and the City movie and care deeply about the intricacies of its plot, you may not want to read/view this post.

After finishing and submitting my chapter, Peter and I went to the premiere of the film, just for kicks. It was what it was: eye candy and girlie girl humour. The best part was seeing the majority of the other audience members teetering in (presumably buzzed on pre-movie cosmopolitans) on their stilettos and carefully arranging the folds of their floral print dresses into their seats. Also funny was hearing the shrieks of "Carrie! Carrie Bradshaw!" or "You're so Charlotte," as women greeted each other by the names of their SATC alter egos. It was something.

But, to be honest, after months of being buried knee deep in critical theory, that movie was just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, the point I am getting to is that the set design was fantastic. What a great job that would have been, carefully choosing all of the colour palettes and pieces with a generous budget. Sigh.

I learned (via Apartment Therapy) that two of my favourite details are featured in this month's issue of Traditional Home.

This mirrored makeup table:

And this framed photo collage:

Now if only I can find a budget version of that makeup table.

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