01 June 2008

underdressed and overexcited

I was walking hurriedly home as the rain started to fall, when I heard a male voice yell out to me:

"Hey girl!"

I turned and looked to see a young guy, maybe a few years younger than me, wearing a black hoodie with gold Louis Vuitton motif, and a LOT of bling. He was standing on the steps of a church that always has beautiful music streaming out its windows on Sundays.

"Hi," I answered.

"Why aren't you in church?" He asked, grinning.

"Well, I don't really go to church. I haven't even been inside one in a long time."

"Well come on in, you're welcome here," He paused, adding with a wink, "You can come hang out with all the black people."

"What the? What do you mean?" I asked, laughing. "Do only black people go to this church?"

"Well I guess there are a few white people too. But it don't matter anyways, come on in and join!"

I walked in the first set of doors with him before remembering that I was wearing denim capris, running shoes, and a wet raincoat.

"Oh no I couldn't. I've seen how fancy the ladies who come here are dressed. They even wear hats! I'll come back when I'm dressed better. Well, maybe I'll just take a peek."

He pulled open the second set of doors, and I was hit by a wall of sound. Ladies and gents, children and the elderly, dressed to the nines were dancing and spinning around as they sang "hallelujia" at the top of their lungs. Some ladies near the doors glanced at me and smiled invitingly, waving me in despite my attire. I smiled back but shook my head, gesturing to my running shoes. Quietly I snuck back out. I did, however, promise Dwayne (the blinged-out guy who invited me in) to come back some time.

I have a not-so-secret obsession with gospel music and lively church choirs, and I have always wondered how I could get in on the action (despite my aversion to church-going). I once had a similar experience of being invited by strangers to join a choir in Tanzania. Perhaps opportunity has come a-knocking once again.


Gisele said...

Did you ever go back?

Dallas said...

Actually, I haven't yet. I still plan to though, once I'm back in the city for longer than a few days at a time. I just have to find a church going outfit ha ha.