24 July 2008

So often I am waiting for something, anything, to happen. There are always lulls, and then everything happens at once. My mixed emotions are like opposing weather systems, warm and balmy confronted by cold and dark. When the storm hits the calm, I feel like this.

On Tuesday, most of the news arrived by phone. I woke up to hear my oldest friend (the one who recently got engaged) tell me that her father had suddenly passed away. Just like that, while taking a nap at their cottage.

After hanging up the phone, it rang again, this time with a job interview for me.

It rang again shortly thereafter, when the head of Brian's Ph.D program called to tell him the department has a substantial amount of additional funding to offer him.

The phone rang once more, when the people buying some of my furniture called to tell me when they were coming to pick it up.

This same day, Brian, Peter and I met up at the printing shop and—almost $40 in photocopying later—all handed in our completed theses to the graduate studies office, and to our supervisors and readers.

And now, with half our furniture gone and an apartment half full of boxes, I am heading home for a funeral, only to return just in time for an inevitably hectic moving day. I will be back once the storm of everything passes.

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