28 July 2008

slowly moving along

This weekend had more than one tragedy. Though still rough around the edges, emotionally, I endeavour to get this apartment packed up, and move on to the next step.

In the meantime, I am blessed to have wonderful family and friends, including those who I (until this weekend) had not seen in years. I am thankful for brothers who treat me to dinner and movies, even though I am older and would happily be treating them were I not broke. I am thankful for my dad who kept kleenex in his pocket for me because he knew my tears were inevitable, despite me feeling steely enough not to need them. I am grateful for a mom who actually wears the necklaces that I clumsily make as gifts. I am grateful for Brian's awesome family, for taking me in this weekend. I am grateful for friends that refuse to let distance affect our friendships.

I am grateful to wake up to the sun in the morning, and I don't even mind the rain every evening. I am thankful for everything that isn't set in stone, and that I have the freedom of possibilities ahead of me. I am grateful for the clichéd yet legitimate tendency for death to remind us to be thankful for every day of life.

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