23 July 2008

in three acts

I'm standing on the corner of St. Laurent and Rue des Pins waiting for the bus this afternoon. At my feet is a giant, black and yellow toolbox. An early twenties-ish guy pulls up to the stoplight in a grey Buick. He is wearing a hot pink shirt and unabashedly singing along to the lyrics, "Beverly Hills, that's where I want to be!"

He looks over at me, lowers his sunglasses, and yells, "What are you doing with that huge toolbox? Construction?"

I laugh out loud and yell back, "No way. It's full of makeup!"

"Rock on!" is his reply, as he speeds away in his starter car.

Yes, that's right, I carry a 40 pound makeup kit with me to my serious sessions. Today was one of them. Tomorrow morning I have a job interview for a makeup artist position (because why the hell not?). The lady doing the hiring asked me to bring a portfolio of my work. Seeing as most of my photography is not taken specifically for the purpose of showing my makeup skills, I figured it was time for an update.

Farah (below) kindly volunteered. The first photo is meant to show a natural, yet polished look:


These two show a more exotic, fun makeup look:



While the last ones show a full makeup look, smokey eyes and berry lips:



Let me tell you, finding the right exposure to show off makeup is no easy feat. It forced me to play with the manual settings of my camera, which I have been too lazy to do for the most part. I am, however, pretty happy with the final results. Here's to hoping my potential boss will be too.


Jess said...

Good luck at the interview! I'll be sending you job acquiring vibes tomorrow :)

Kick some interview ass!

erin said...

I love love love the middle look...the green is amazing on your model!

Anonymous said...

you are amazing!

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Canon's dSLR tutorial is (un?)fortunately media-heavy with flash and javascript to show by example what those settings do.