29 July 2008

things I should, but can't, part with

While throwing things to and fro during the frantic packing of my room, I have been fairly ruthless in terms of getting rid of clothes. There are a few items, however, that I can't bring myself to part with.

Item One: black stretch pants with lace-up sides.
I bought these with the store credit I got from returning a relative's christmas gift. At the time, they seemed sooo much cooler than the gift outfit, and I was thrilled to have found these at The Bay. I was very into Evanescence at this point in my life. I can't throw them out because they are so bad, they're good.

Item Two: Faux suede tan lace-up (do I detect a theme?) pants
I can't remember what the original occasion for these was, but they quickly became a singing recital staple. I am saving them in case I ever consciously decide to become a cougar.

Item Three: Bubble gum pink, Faux satin, quilted jacket.
This one is pure camp. I still love it, unashamedly.

I know I should get rid of these, but I am just not ready yet!


Jess said...

That jacket is dope! It's totally Rizzo from Grease! You should be rocking that on a regular basis, Dallas...or at least wear it to your defense.

Anonymous said...

hey what make is this? please put it on ebay so I can buy it! lol!