26 September 2008

the world's oldest profession

During a coffee break in French class today, a conversation with one of the 3 other Anglos from the class:

Her: I might stay in Montreal if I don't get into grad school, but I'm so worried that I won't find a job 'cause I'm not fluent in French.

Me: Well you're in this class, so you're learning, right?

Her: Yeah, I just feel that my prospects are really grim because all of my friends here from Winnipeg have had such bad luck in the job market.

Me: What do you mean?

Her: Well, those who weren't working at call centres could only find work in factories or convenience stores... Oh wait, actually one of them found work in porn.

Me: Oh yeah?

Her: Well not real porn exactly. She just had to sit in front of her webcam wearing a bikini and, you know.

Me: Did any of your friends speak any French.

Her: No.

Me: Well...

Her: Yeah, they all just went back to Winnipeg.

Me: So they didn't even attempt to learn any French and wondered why they couldn't get jobs in a French province?

Her: Pretty much.

Me: Well, it's good to know what kind of options are out there I guess.


jess said...

Fucken Winnipeggers.

Dallas said...

ha ha ha