29 September 2008

in the studio

Hotel 2 Tango is one of the coolest locations I have ever shot in, albeit with the most frustrating lighting. Although one wall is all block-glass windows, and natural light streams in liberally, there is an odd assortment of lighting coming down from the ceiling that does really weird things to photos. Luckily, I had my newest toy with me (thanks, mom).

Although the lighting conditions were giving me grief, Katie was a dream to work with. These are just a few samples. There's something off about my internet connection and I can't upload as many as I would like.

And her boyfriend Eric, who is a photographer himself, joined us for a few photos. They are my new favourite couple.

*And, you know, I'm too broke to use a real flash like most photographers, and I would rather struggle with awkward lighting and try a million different angles until the light graces a model's face to best compliment her features. I've learned so much about photography from working with limited equipment. until this spring, I did all my work with a little Canon point-and-shoot. My main reason for upgrading was to look cool, and to seem legit when I showed up for shoots. No word of a lie! I put just as much (okay, almost as much) stock in my old faithful (that has been a bit battered by a few nights at the bar) as I do in fancy DSLRs. Equipment can do a lot for you, but it can't replace patience, ingenuity and people skills, and I have argued over this with many photographers.


Jenn said...

oooh i love these! she looks so mini on that giant patterned couch. and the candid one with the photographer boyfriend could be a wedding invite. amazing.


Eric said...

'the candid one with the photographer boyfriend could be a wedding invite'

a what? a WHAT!?

lovely shots, Dallas. I'm the newest subscriber to your blog.

Dallas said...

Ha ha well, it's kind of true I guess. Let me know if you lovebirds ever decide to get hitched ;)
I'm happy to have you as a reader.

KS said...

eric, the comment said "could be" not "is"...yet... ; )

sarah nicole said...

i think those two are my new favourite couple, too. is that weird?

lovely snaps as always, dal!