10 December 2008

there's no business like snow business

Winter has finally arrived, and Montrealers are dutifully pulling on arctic appropriate footwear, shoveling cars out of snow trenches, and treading carefully over the ice on spiral staircases.

The ploughs are out in full force, as are the feisty, smaller ones that clear the sidewalks, and would not hesitate to run you over if you don't jump out of their way. This morning, when the snow was still heavy on every doorstep, I saw people peeking out their windows to assess the snow removal job they had ahead of them.

And despite the significant snowfall, life goes on faster than ever; these days people just use the slickness of the ice to propel themselves along the sidewalk. Interestingly, while treading through the powder and slush today, I noticed that loudspeakers on the street light posts are currently blasting christmas carols. It's a nice soundtrack for my window shopping.

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