15 December 2008

two days 'til my train leaves

Is the idea of a Christmas wish too trite? Is it too naive to hope that one (or several) would come true? Do I need to feel guilty for wishing when I have so much already? Most of my wishes (and yes, I do have several) relate to things I want to become, to work towards in the year ahead. I also demand a lot of the holiday season—that it be cozy and slow and full of sugar and fireside chats, but also jet-set and fantastic and notable.

In my mind I sift through my increasingly french thoughts to make sense of why I want the things I do, and how I can reach them most directly, but also most beautifully. The life inside my head is so much more vibrant than the one through which I tread, but I'm working on flattening the two into one, seamless layer.

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