26 January 2009

mid-winter makeup

Winter, as you know, is in full swing. All the more reason to take care of our skin, and load on thick layers of moisturizer! I've been trolling my favourite beauty sites for stuff that touches my makeup-loving heart. Here's some fun stuff I've come across that might be worth your while for looking lovely on a cold winter's eve.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Betty Collection:
There's always room in your makeup kit for a set that produces smokey eyes and stained lips. I know we're not supposed to combine the two, but if you want to look amazing in low lighting, I say go for it. Bare Escentuals is an amazing line, and the less chemicals you can put on your face, the better. So, when you're loading on the product to look sultry, why not use ones that are easier on your pores?

Revlon Matte Collection:
Late on the Mad Men train, I feel like I am the last person I know to become obsessed with the show and its aesthetics. Hey, I was tied up with The Wire (and then mourning its end) for a long time, folks! Anyways, the show has reminded me of my love for makeup of the 50s and 60s: matte, peaches-and-cream, and glamourous. Revlon's Matte Collection is a budget shortcut to mimicking Joan Holloway et al's looks. And, if you want further instruction, AMC posted a video all about the show's makeup:

Benefit 10:
This product is a lot of fun, and pretty much foolproof. While professional makeup artists use contouring all the time to sculpt their model's faces, it does require a fair amount of skill. This product loads your brush with contouring shade (bronzer, in this case) and highlighter (a shimmery seashell pink) to add depth under your cheekbones and make the apples of your cheeks pop. I used it on Carolyn for the pic below:

My all-time favourite face bar:
I know I've written about this before, but I really, really love Lipikar Surgras, in all its unpronounceable perfection. It is the most soothing, moisturizing, gentle face wash I have ever found. I don't even think it's supposed to be a face wash, rather a moisturizing body bar for extremely dry skin. BUT, it is heavenly for my usually flaky, tight skin. I am never going back to another face wash. Thanks to this and the bevy of moisturizers I slather on, my face hasn't flaked once this winter.

And a collection I don't want to like, but can't help it:
MAC did the Barbie thing over a year ago, so I'm not sure why Stila has decided to do it now, and with an inferior colour collection, but this ode to Barbie palette does look like fun. Recommended for tanned skin only.

A Mascara I'm dying to try:
I'm not even sure how well this works, but just look at how cool that wand is!

And, the most ridiculous product I've seen in a while:
Though I'm a firm believer in choosing makeup and colours to complement one's colouring, I am getting pretty tired of the lame products that attempt to appeal to our longing for eye colour individuality. Especially ones that can't feasibly work. There is no way that "black pearl" shimmer in a mascara is going to make my eyes look browner. Blue shimmer does not bring out your baby blues! First of all, you choose the opposite on the colour wheel to make your eyes pop (in the case of blue, orange or brown), not the same colour. Secondly, an imperceptible shimmer of blue is not going to do jack all. What a truly dumb product. I especially get annoyed by the ads (below), which feature Rihanna with a ray of light beaming into her eye, as if implying that the mascara would actually have an illuminating effect.
I have tried to find something in Cover girl's marketing copy for this product that makes sense, but there is nothing redeeming. If it read "We shoved some trace amounts of glitter in this mediocre mascara for those people who might like that kind of thing. It actually does nothing, but at the very least the packaging is kind of nice," I would be more impressed by Cover Girl than I am now.


Erin said...

Oooh, that mascara! I want it, too.

I can't wait to stock up on spring/summer colours...and to be rid of this horrible winter skin.

KS said...

I have fallen in love with Origins products as I try to move away from chemical-filled commercial makeup. I am using the Checks and Balances facewash, Organic Nourishing Lotion in the day and Plantidote at night. My skin has never looked better, no flaking. Any advice for organic mascara? I'm having a hard time giving up Lancome...

Anonymous said...

Great post! May I ask where one might find Lipikar Surgras? I would love ro try it...


Dallas said...

Katie: I'm on the lookout for mascara for you. Hopefully we can chat about this weekend when you're in town.

Anonymous: Most places that carry La Roche-Posay products have it, such as larger drugstore chains or some department stores. Sometimes it's hidden in with the body creams and bars rather than with the face products, so watch out for that. The La Roche-Posay website also has a great skin typing tool if you ever wanted to check it out.

paiiige said...

I am so late to comment on this, but! the cover girl eyelights is actually amazing. i have never received more compliments on my eyelashes than i have when wearing this stuff. (and also, people always ask "is there.. blue shimmer in your mascara?") definitely makes my blues bluer .. i was obsessed with chanel's inimitable line until now.. this tops it. though i really want to try to givenchy round wand next...